About Riff Mania TV

Riff Mania TV is a music show developed for local/established bands in the United States and Worldwide.  The concept is relatively easy.  We will take an unsigned or signed band and place them on the show providing at least one or more of the following services to be aired during the show:
  • Interview the band members.
  • Air the bands Music Video (Bands who do not have a music video can either have us help create one or choose the option of displaying pictures and band info while it is playing similar to that of the Music Choice concept on cable and satellite).
  • Place a link to sell the band's CD on our website during and immediately following the airing of the show and possibly longer.
  • Other offerings may be available on a need-to-need basis.

Contact us for a specific details about this opportunity.  As an artist this service is free.  If you are a business and want to advertise with us, please contact us to discuss our very affordable advertising opportunities.

Please Note: This show is being produced, directed and managed by Vortexual Dreams Production, Inc. and their subsidiaries.



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