Get Your Video Aired

What You Will Need

You will need a music video that is in a format of AVI, QuickTime, HQ Windows Media, MPEG or another format that has a minimum resolution size of 640 x 480.

If you do not have a video, but want to still be shown on the show, then send us some pictures and some facts about the band and we will create a presentation to be displayed during the song's video playtime following approval of the music video creation by the band.

Below is a sample of one possibility for the creation of a song for the show when there are no pictures available however, this is only a last result when not images or video clips are available.  If pictures are available they can be used as part of the background in conjunction with text information about the band. Many possibilities exist unique to each situation.  Therefore, not all music videos will look alike, even if there is no music video available for viewing.




Download Submission Form